Fragrance-Richness 65.2x65.2cm Oil on canvas 2011 장기영


ART.FAIR 2011 (in 10 days)

29 October 2011 until 1 November 2011



  ART.FAIR 2011

art.fair International GmbH
Alteburger Str. 36
50678 Cologne
Germany (city map, hotel accommodation)

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tel +49 (0) 221 420 393 0

This year for the ninth time, from October 29 to November 1, 2011 ART.FAIR is presenting promising new positions and selected current artworks from internationally established artists. Moreover, the broad spectrum of contemporary art is also being opened up to include selected works from the 20th century.

ART.FAIR thus encourages its audience to make new discoveries and to discuss the contemporary period in light of the modern.

Once again, the arena for Cologne's autumn art fair - after the successful premiere in 2010 - will be the historic-landmark halls of the "Staatenhaus am Rheinpark".

Once again, ART.FAIR will share its timeframe and facilities with BLOOOM - the creative industries art show.. This world wide interdisciplinary fair for projects by young artists from the creative industries will introduce international exhibitors from the fields of urban art, screen and light design, fashion, film and video, photography, animation and special effects as well as architecture.

We are looking forward to seeing you there - either as visitor or exhibitor!

Your ART.FAIR team

Index of galleries

Institutions (84 galleries)

 Bäckerstrasse4, Vienna
 recommended institution GALERIE FREY, Vienna

Czech Republic
 Jiri Svestka Prague, Prague

 galerie artfontainebleau, Fontainebleau

 Galerie An der Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich
 recommended institution ARTCO Galerie GmbH, Herzogenrath
 arthea galerie am rosengarten, Mannheim
 Arthus Kunstgalerie, Zell a.H.
 gallery artpark, Karlsruhe
 recommended institution Berlin Art Projects - Project Space, Berlin
 Galerie von Braunbehrens, Munich
 Galerie Brennecke, Berlin
 Galerie Casteel - Mönchengladbach, Mönchengladbach
 DavisKlemmGallery, Frankfurt/Main
 Dengler und Dengler, Stuttgart
 die kunstgalerie, Cologne
 Galerie Robert Drees, Hannover
 recommended institution Galerie Döbele GmbH, Dresden
 Galerie ècart, Osnabruck
 Emerson Gallery, Berlin
 Galerie Esch-Renner, Frechen
 Galerie Filser & Gräf, Munich
 Arte Giani, Frankfurt/Main
 Galerie Andreas Greulich, Frankfurt/Main
 recommended institution Galerie Hafenrichter, Nuremberg
 Heitsch Gallery, Munich
 in focus Galerie, Cologne
 Galerie Jane Zhang, Frankfurt/Main
 Galerie ka5, Mainz
 Galerie KK Klaus Kiefer, Essen
 Galerie Rainer Klimczak, Viersen
 Kunstraum 21, Cologne
 recommended institution Galerie Bernd A. Lausberg - Düsseldorf, Dusseldorf
 Galerie LEO.COPPI, Berlin
 Sybille Mang Gallery, Lindau
 CMG Christian Marx Galerie, Dusseldorf
 Galerie Maurer, Frankfurt/Main
 mbf-kunstprojekte, Freiburg
 recommended institution Galerie Michael Nolte, Münster
 Galerie Mühlfeld & Stohrer, Frankfurt/Main
 Neue Kunst Gallery - Michael Oess, Karlsruhe
 Projektraum Knut Osper, Cologne
 galerie pro arte, Freiburg
 Kunsthandel Sven Purrmann, Grefrath
 Galerie Reitz, Cologne
 Galerie Christine Rother, Wiesbaden
 Galerie Sassen & Edition, Bonn
 Galerie Schrade - Mochental, Ehingen
 Galerie Ralph Schriever, Cologne
 kunst-raum schulte-goltz+noelte, Essen
 recommended institution Galerie Michael Schultz, Berlin
 recommended institution Galerie Barbara von Stechow, Frankfurt/Main
 Strychnin Gallery - Berlin, Berlin
 Galerie Terminus, Munich
 von fraunberg art gallery, Dusseldorf
 recommended institution Galerie Voss, Dusseldorf
 Galerie Wagner + Marks, Frankfurt/Main
 Galerie Winter, Wiesbaden
 recommended institution Galerie Erhard Witzel, Wiesbaden

 Berengo Fine Arts - Murano, Murano

 St. Art Gallery, Stampersgat

 Galeria Paulo Nunes, Vila Franca de Xira

 Jecza&Ross, Timisoara

 Kovcheg Gallery, Moscow

South Korea
 Art Company. Misoolsidae, Seoul
Asan Gallery, Asan
Gaga Gallery, Seoul
Gallery Jari Art, Gwangju
Jay Gallery, Seoul
Kimjaesun Gallery, Busan
Nine Gallery, Gwangju
Seoshin Gallery, Jeonju-si
Sian Gallery, Gwangju
Gallery Tableau, Seoul
UM Gallery, Seoul
Wellside Gallery, Seoul
Young Art Gallery, Seoul

 3 Punts Galería d`Art, Barcelona
 Anquin´s Galeria d´Art, Reus
 Victor Lope Arte Contemporanea, Barcelona
 Punzmann Gallery, Marbella

 recommended institution Galerie Mollwo, Riehen

 Alp Galleries - New York, New York City, NY
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